Merry Go Round

This sums up a lot right now!
Since we last spoke 8 days ago, the following things have happened, not in order of occurrence:

I ran the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon and accidentally did a PR! It is amazing what happens when you see that there are hot dogs at the finish line before you start the race. I used my GPS watch, kept a good pace and stuck to my plan to sprint the last two miles, when I may or may not have chanted "HOT DOG, HOT DOG" in my head over and over. Then I saw my family waiting for me right by the finish line and managed to not burst into tears as I saw my time and smelled the hot dogs.

New bling!
My AIL, Maddie, Matty and I had the most perfect post-race Cape day. We swam in the pool (Maddie did awesome and did not want to get out even when she turned blue), had an amazing dinner at the Naked Oyster, rode the carousel and spent as much time together, outside as we could. I love my family.

She thinks I bought this for her. Sucker.
I attended the Annual Breakfast for Back on My Feet and cried and smiled and was SO proud of my team. They had this amazing video that I want to watch a million times but I don't have enough happy tears.

We found the perfect condo. We put an offer in. The seller accepted our offer. We picked a closing date. We spent time saying "HOLY SHIT WE ARE GOING TO BUY THIS AMAZING PLACE" and thought about where all the furniture would go and how we could walk Maddie to school and OMG because we put in the offer and they accepted and so it was OKAY to start planning and getting excited.

Our lender told us that she could not approve the condo because we have an FHA loan and it was not an FHA approved condo.

My heart broke in ten pieces, I got a head cold, everything went kaput and I cried.

We kept hope, prayed (A LOT), thought about our options, went back to our realtor and found out that it could happen, but we would just need to go to another lender who I immediately called, only to get a call from our original lender recommending him because she is awesome and did not want to see us lose this place.

Hope was restored and we (cautiously) became optimistic, yet again, that this place would be ours.

All I can say is THANK GOD we are having family dinner tonight and that the bestie will be there in her "just moved back to Boston" debut because I have had one hell of a 24-hours.

This home buying business is not for the faint of heart, but right now I have hope. I have hope. I have hope.

Please check in on me tomorrow and remind me to read that again.


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