Spring Weather and a Birthday

Monday was my dear old young husband's birthday and even though we had just ran a marathon, traveled thousands of miles and had a really good birthday celebration for me, there was no way I was going to let the day go without a little special love for my amazing fella. Our nanny needed to get to class early, and we were both feeling extra tired, which made for the perfect excuse to leave work early and head outside.

One of my favorite things about living in Boston is all of the big open areas we have to choose from, and on the top of that list is Castle Island in Southie. The views of the water, the puppy watching and the ice cream from Sullivan's make it the perfect place for our little family to run around and enjoy any beautiful weather that gets thrown at us, so that is exactly where we headed.

We had two hours to frolic before our planned little dinner date with friends so we let Maddie run around to her heart's desire, climb the highest ladders at the playground and linger around all those big, grassy spaces. There was a woman with a huge homemade bubble wand making enormous bubbles for the children, planes were coming and going (very exciting for a certain 2.5 year old) and this mama got to kick off her shoes and feel the grass on some seriously tired feet.

Even though we were planning to indulge in chicken and waffles for the birthday boy's dinner, we couldn't pass up the chance for a little soft serve because, well, ice cream! In hindsight this may have contributed to Maddie's refusal to sit down at all during dinner which then led to a screaming fit in the car which then led to her very first "punishment" that we followed through on in which she did not get to watch an episode of The Land Before Time before bed, but hey, parenting is one big learning experience, no?

We did mange to have a very lovely afternoon, inhale some chicken and waffles and have a short but lovely time spent with two of our best friends, so all in all it was a success. And let's not forget that man of mine turned another year handsomer. Happy birthday, babe and thanks for the beautiful spring weather, Boston!


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