My Monday Tactic

I really wanted to come to this space and complain about Monday, because Mondays suck, and every two weeks I have all this stuff due and so they really suck. Sometimes I get this ridiculous Monday blues where I am not sure how I am going to make it to Tuesday, but then I get home Monday and have no obligations and I forget most of my grumpiness. I have this tactic in which I always make sure I have nothing planned on Monday nights. I used to see it as a free night and throw things on the calendar but then I wised up to the fact that all three of us sometimes need an extra day to adjust to life after the weekend, so Mondays are just that. A transition day, if you will. Tuesdays are yoga and Wednesdays are free for plans and Thursdays are family dinner and Fridays are, well Fridays! So Mondays are our (my) day to get my grumps out and process the insane amount of things I have put on my plate for the rest of the week.

See, I am already less grumpy just knowing that all I need to do this evening is stop at the park on the way home if we so choose and cook the dinner that I have already planned and shopped for this weekend.

So, now that the grumps are sufficiently at bay, how was your weekend? For as much time as I spent loathing everything a couple months ago, I sure am loving this pre-summer weather. Saturday was gorgeous and Sunday was pretty awesome too and we had so very little we had to get done so we spent a whole lot of time outside. It was glorious and an instant mood-booster.

Matty has a couple of Saturdays off before he starts classes again so we got to have him all to ourselves, meaning I got to sleep in and Maddie got to make pancakes a whole day early! We got some chores done around our house and my AIL's (while Maddie and I did gymnastics) and then went to visit our friend's sweet new baby. After I had inhaled enough newborn smell we headed over to Houghton's Pond where we put our toes in the water, walked around in nature and saw two new baby goslings and their families swimming around. Maddie had a blast throwing rocks into the water and singing a song that her and Dada made up about "going adventuring". On our way home she fell asleep, but instead of getting secret ice cream I scooped her up and had a nice, sweaty nap with her on the couch. It was a good day.

Sunday morning after Mass we (once again!) had free time so we went on a road trip to get Matty fancy new work shoes and I also restocked up on Bare Minerals, while Maddie got some new Cars tubbie toys. Everyone got something they were in need of, so we celebrated with lunch at a little hidden gem in the 'burbs. I love, love living in the city and want nothing to do with living elsewhere at this time in my life, so I love that in only half an hour we can be in the great outdoors, at an outlet mall, or back in our beloved city. Boston, you are good to me.

I have exciting news to share this week, but I do want to share right here and now that a certain someone got an A in his chemistry class this semester (yay, Matty!). 

Hope your week is off to a lovely start and your grumps are soaking in some sunshine!

My little foam roller. 
Waiting for boats or airplanes, very exciting business. 
Wonder Toddler!
I love the arm action, and the fact that she is sleeping!


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