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I used to think that my plan b if this whole human services/non profit career didn't work out would be for me to go to school to learn how to run a funeral home. I mean, I like to make people feel happier and I have a love of the macabre, so I would be great at it.  However, I think I want to make my plan b to be a tour guide, because I sure  love telling people all about my favorite places to eat/drink/shop/stay/look when they go anywhere that I have been long enough to have an opinion on it. Granted, this career thing is working out pretty great, so maybe I will make it my retirement plan; anyone that has been to New Orleans with me knows how great I am at touring people right into Tropical Isle and getting a hand grenade in their hand, amiright???
Circa a very long time ago, with a famous blogger behind me!
Whenever we have visitors from out of town I love to take them around Boston and show them all the wonderful things my city has to offer, and I am always the friend who has a recommendation for any situation "might be breaking up but want to be close to the T and need a good beer list restaurant?"; I am on it! I send more texts for where to brunch then Siri!

Today I sent a friend my quick list for San Diego and I am working on an epic New Orleans guide for my cousin-in-law. It is so much fun to share all the places that I have enjoyed, whether they are off the beaten path or a touristy must-do that might have been overlooked for being too obvious. This also lets me go back to daydreaming about being on vacation...which is something I find myself doing a lot during winter in New England (I know it hasn't been that awful lately but that polar bear vortex thing was brutal).

So now I find myself looking around Airbnb for a condo for Yosemite in April when we go see my beautiful friend Bridget get married and at the same time looking at a place in Brooklyn to make an epic visit that includes hanging out with my very best friend from 9th grade who will be in town. I even get to show her some places that I love and try out a few new spots to share with people (I hope!). I have never been to Yosemite, and I hate camping and most outdoorsy things, so this should be...interesting.

By the way, these "guides" don't exist in any form but random notes and pictures and parts of my brain, so I would love the start organizing and sharing them here. I know there are some great ways of organizing places you love, but I love this blog, so why not use it to share some good travel suggestions?!

I guess this has turned into a blog about a blog, but hey, good things are coming down the pipeline on this little corner of the internet and I sure am having fun thinking of all the places I have been and all the fun that I have had.

Travel, you guys, it is the best. Especially since things like Airbnb exist, which makes it so much more awesome to travel as a family, even when we have grandma and grandpa along like we did last year in San Diego. Being able to have an entire house for a home base is so awesome - you can cook when you want to, have cocktails when you want to and put the kiddo to bed and not have to sit in a dark hotel room watching your iPad under the covers. Also, the price! We rent entire apartments for cheaper than we can get a bad hotel room in NYC. Love it.

So there you have it, the beginning of some new content that I am super excited to share!

In the meantime, here are some pics of some of my very favorite places!
In Miami on our honeymoon.

Kicking back on Cape Cod.

In Orlando for my first half marathon.

On my favorite carousel in San Diego.

Riding the subway in NYC.

Zen on Martha's Vineyard.


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