Wednesday Ramblings

My skin is flaking like a molting snake. Winter, you're being a real dick. To do: get facial. Yikes. 

I went to yoga last night and despite not having gone in a while I felt so strong. I'm attributing my daily core work out to this. My goal was to strenghthen my core to be a better runner and here it is among me a better yogi too. 100 sit-ups while watching the news (or Thomas) in the morning is so simple. Why didn't I stick with this before? Also, yoga felt so good and my sore legs hurt so great today. 

Work has been so crazy busy but so awesome. I had a meeting with this incredible little organization that's been doing really fantastic work near my neighborhood for lots of years and I felt totally inspired by them. I got to meet someone who is just as passionate about reentry and reducing recidivism as I am and we made plans to talk more over rotis soon. I chatted with someone who has had an incredible career including bringing down the Warlock motorcycle gang and helping get America's Most Wanted started. So busy. So tired. So thankful. 

Meetings at work went late tonight so we got home late with a pizza and a chatty toddler who was just as happy as could be. Those three hour naps that her magical nanny is having her take are working wonders. Mary Poppins has nothing on our nanny!

Two more days until the weekend. I'm going to yoga again tomorrow and get some time to myself Friday evening. This weekend we are going to the winter farmers market because this awesome donut bakery will be there (oh, irony) and Maddie starts her new semester of music classes. It will be above freezing too! Can't wait. 

Justified is on the DVR and I have a super handsome dude to cuddle with so I'm going to end here.

Happy Wednesday!

Madeline pajamas and her 'hipad'. DJ Maddhamms. 


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