Our Day at the MFA

Having some banana and beeboos at the MFA.
 The MFA, Boston had their annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Open House, which allows everyone to visit for and enjoy the galleries and special events for free. Since I had the day off and Matty didn't, I decided to make it a Maddie and Mama day to enjoy the museum together. Maddie has been to the MFA before but we have added art museums to the list of places we try to go with her when there are special events or family friendly days so that there is not so much pressure to keep her quiet and worry about ruining the experience for other people. Luckily, today was a day that there were kids bursting out of every gallery and no one had to pay to get it, so they couldn't be too sore over an excited toddler who hasn't quite perfected her art gallery whisper.

We waited in line about half an hour to get in but Maddie was really patient; we passed the time discussing the art outside of the museum, chatting with other people in line (Maddie wanted to know if everyone had been in a plane, ha!), and getting prepared to go inside by discussing not to touch the art and to try and use our "church voice" in the galleries. Maddie was really into the banner for this exhibit and has been telling me since we left that she loves "pewicans". She is with Dada watching 'Finding Nemo' in the living room and I just heard her point out the pelicans for him. Guess we will be back for that one!
Maddie wanted me to take this so she could look at it later.

We nixed the stroller and walked through the Fens on our way.

 Once inside I let Maddie take the lead; she was super interested in the Asian sculptures and especially liked talking about Buddha. She also liked the Degas sculpture of the ballerina (La Petite Danseuse of Fourteen Years) and was drawn to the colors and textures of the contemporary art. When it was my turn to choose the galleries I showed her my favorite renaissance period paintings and some beautiful Monets that are there right now. We even got in a little bit of the story time and some of a Brazilian band that was playing. 
I love this list of rules.
We had a great time talking about the colors and the subjects of each piece, and I loved seeing her interpret and take in everything. This is such a fun phase she is in; I love watching her soak in the world around her and start to ask questions and form opinions about what she sees. I think that I am going to invest in the annual membership so that we can start going more with her and taking advantage of the Monday Playdates that they have each week for her and her nanny.
She lasted over an hour before I could tell it was time to go and get working on a nap, but we had a really lovely time and I am excited to go back soon to see those pelicans!

Although Madeleine is too young to understand what holiday kept Mama home from work today, I hope that our discussions about Dr. King in the car on the way home and the books we read at the library about all of the great things that he did will someday inspire her as they have me. I enjoyed seeing all of Dr. King's quotes all over my internet feeds today and I pray that people can continue to strive to live those words and pass them along to this next generation. Hopefully next year we can spend the day volunteering with Boston Cares like was my pre-kiddo tradition. 

I also want to share one of my favorite quotes from Dr. King:
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Dada is home early from work and I have a peanut chicken recipe I am excited to make before prepping for the (short!) work week. My phone keeps telling me of the upcoming winter weather warning so I guess I should enjoy this hot chocolate and warm house as much as I can tonight! Happy Monday y'all! I'll be back tomorrow with a good soup recipe from this weekend.
Someone had a hard time waking up from her nap. Art is exciting!

Enjoying a post-nap hot cocoa with Mama and a home early from work Dada.


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