Taking the Marathon Training Indoors

Last night after work the three of us stopped by the YMCA that is just a few blocks from our house and re-signed up for a family membership; while inside Maddie ran after some kids her age, watched the women in the cardio room working out and asked to go in the pool, all of which solidified that this was a great decision, even if me and the hubs are still a little begrudged by the whole idea. Maddie is going to be able to meet some other kids, see more examples of how fun it is to be active and get her little diaper butt back in the pool with Mama. Awesome!

But for me it means that I am throwing in the towel and agreeing to get on a dreadmill in these cold winter months. It also means adding in cross training and taking swimming lessons and preparing for an as-of-yet unregistered tri, but it was more fun to just glare at the treadmills and blame them for being back in the Y.
But hey, Maddie is going to have fun! And Matty is going to be able to lift weights that aren't a toddler!

Stefanie Sunshine was able to weigh the pros and cons and face the fact that it is just too damn cold for me this winter when another option, albeit a dreadful one, is available.
Then we celebrated our great decision with pizza for dinner because, obviously.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 (ok, it was like 5:20 but I was waiting for the coffee to brew); got dressed IN ONE LAYER OF CLOTHING and walked to the car, drove the two blocks to the Y and got on the treadmill. Note: yes, I sure as shit did that whole driving thing because it is cold outside and if I am going to go inside then I am going to go alllll the way, baby.

Then a strange thing happened. It wasn't that bad. Sure, it was boring and I was watching the time and distance obsessively waiting for my four miles that seemed like eight to be over, but I had short sleeves on and no jacket! No thermals! I sweat and could actually feel it instead of just feeling 9 degrees of terrible wind against my face! And, in an effort to just get it over with, I ran about 30 seconds to a minute per mile faster than I usually do.

Is this non-hatred of the treadmill going to continue? Probably not. The first time I have to do more than 6 miles will probably send me screaming for the outdoors and the frigid wind against my face, but, for now, I can do this because it means I am getting my runs in and working towards my next races and for now, that is enough.

I also looked pretty bad ass in my Tough Mudder shirt that wasn't hidden under twenty other layers.

See you at the gym (ugggghhhh).


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