Wednesday Ramblings

Although I recently declared my anti-kale status, I've already contradicted myself and begun a relationship with the 'kalelicious' smoothies at Whole Foods. Let me explain. I eat healthy on a regular basis: lots of whole wheat and grains, most everything made from scratch, no corn syrup or artificial grossness and a wide variety of foods but I feel like I'm lacking in the fruits and veggies department. In the summer it's so easy, all the yummy fruits everywhere and a preference to a salad on the back porch over dinner cooked on the stove. But winter is hard! I get fruit for the kiddo, who eats a ton of berries and apples on a daily basis, but I have this weird aversion to cold foods when it's -8 outside. I know that it's not good for me, especially as I train for this next marathon and so I decided to get on this green smoothie bandwagon. All the fruits and veggies I need in one easy to drink smoothie? Perfect! I even planned it out well; I can take the train straight to a stop near Whole Foods, which is halfway to work, so I thought I'd make it my new morning commute, and at $3.99 a pop, I figure I'm spending about as much as I would for the ingredients plus a little extra for not having to use my time or make a mess. Unfortunately, the Whole Foods doesn't open  until 8, which doesn't work with my schedule every day, so I may be making them at home or going for mid-morning walks. Either way, I'm making a conscious effort to eat more fruits and veggies and have even eaten them at every meal this week, so far. Now to get Maddie on the green smoothie train...

Speaking of marathon training, this weather is brutal! My legs were so red and cold when I got back from my snowy run this weekend that I almost googled frostbite until I remembered that I'm a hypochondriac and would've had to take myself to the ER and be late to my lector shift at church. Matty is superman when it comes to running in the freezing cold but I'm just not feeling it this season. I mentioned before that we re-budgeted to sign up for a Y membership again and I'm hoping we can get that set this weekend so I can have the dreadmill as a backup plan and start on my cross training goals. Definitely thinking about the Boston Triathlon in the summer when I look at those swim classes! Things are going to get tricky for weekend long runs when Matty starts classes again on Saturdays, and we have to get the miles in on a time budget. We will make it happen though, and I'm super excited to put another marathon bib on my office wall!

And speaking of warmer temps (nice flow tonight!); I just found out that one of my favorite collections of jazz musicians is playing at the Newport Jazz Fest and so I'm pulling the trigger and getting tickets so I can finally cross that off my bucket list. My jazz nerd self is freaking right the heck out over this. 

One last thing. As I walked out of Maddie's room tonight I said "goodnight, I love you" like I do every night and for the first time she said "I love you, too". And then my heart exploded into a million pieces. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

She wants to help out cleaning, so who am I to deny her?

Frozen grapes for dinner is totally healthy....

I can't stop looking at this pic from our sitter the other night. My heart!


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