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I could never be a nomad

It occurred to me today that I have moved 5 times in 5 years - that's more than some people move in their entire lives! It's stressful, tiring, and dirty...but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when you get into your new place. At least that's how it's been for me. I always like to purge a bunch of crap when I move, it feels kind of liberating and quasi-minimalist. I somehow managed not to horde too much stuff this year, so it's been fairly, dare I say , simple. I am actually almost done aside from the kitchen and stuff that I still need around my bedroom. Not bad, considering I once decided to move without packing first and invited a bunch of people over for a blitz-fill-up-the-box-and-run party. It was ridiculous. As of the 1st (and maybe, fingers crossed, even earlier) Matty and I will be official Allstoners. It is quite a change for me...a whole number in my zip code and no more Brighton! Good thing it's only a few blocks away...and closer to

Biketastic Weekend, and an iphone

Wow, this was a crazy busy weekend. Here it is 8:30 and I am toast. Friday I tried to go to the game against Toronto but, as Adam pointed out, I am the master of the rain dance, and the game was postponed. There have been two rained out games this season, and I've been to both of them. I'm from Nevada - shouldn't I have better luck? The best was definitely made out of the situation though, I was at Beerworks and there was Watermelon beer aplenty, and it gave Dave and I a lot of hang out/catch up time. Even though we live together, our schedules are pretty opposite, so we rarely get the chance just to hang out and drink beers anymore. And like old times, we accidentally drank a lot of beers. By the time they called the game at a bit past 8 we were both a little sauced. I wanted to go to JP to meet with an old friend but the combination of beer, the torrential downpour outside and the slow ass T made that impossible. Instead Emily, her Amy and I went to Deep Ellum for moscow

Stefanie and the horrible, no good very bad day...and how it was saved.

It began like this...I awoke at 4:30 am with little recollection of going to sleep and the worst case of the thirsties ever. Crap. I got totally wasted last night. Again. After chugging an entire Nalgene of water I attempted to go back to sleep until my alarm would go off and I would have to go to work. It didn't happen. I got up and went to the bathroom and did some serious puking. This is totally unlike me, as I never, ever throw up due to anything drink related. I knew this was a bad sign. I was also feeling a residual bummed out feeling over the further realization that I had last night of how unhappy I really am at my current career position (sorry, that gets it's own blog later). I knew I was not going to be able to go to work, which is such a dick move considering I just got back from vacation. Shit. I woke Matty up to get some advice on my predicament, which he resolved by lulling me back to sleepy feeling and telling me to call work and get back to sleep. I did. Then t

T is for Tuesday

If this were Sesame Street, T would definitely be the letter of the day. T is for tired. I never, ever get jet lag but taking the red-eye home from LA totally screwed me up. I haven't been able to get to bed as early as I would like to, and getting up is like getting in line for a punch in the face...totally not happening. Emily and I decided that there is something going on in the atmosphere because she is also having the same problem. Even Matty and Louis have been insomniacs lately - both of whom are usually deep in snoresville by the time I roll over to tell them good night. Emily and I have decided to blame the upcoming change in weather, the full moon, and the meteor shower that is going to take place tonight (I just found out about the latter...we should be scientists Em). Tonight I really want to get some sleep, we'll see if it happens. perhaps Mr. Sam Adams in my hand will help (Summer Ale will soon be gone!). T is for TRP board. aka. the Treatment Review Panel boa

Monday night and half a bottle of riesling.

You may be asking yourself now, "why the hell does Stef need a blog, she spends too much damn time on myspace/facebook/perezhilton as it is". Well, I have one because I need one. I get writers cramp too bad to keep a journal, and I can drink and type with much more ease. But really, I think this will be a good way to organize my thoughts, and keep my scattered friends better posted on my life. When your closest friends span from Seattle to Spain, it can be hard to keep them up to the minute on the important things in life - like what I'm doing on any given Monday night. (The answer tonight is sitting on the couch watching the Red Sox, while Matty reads the Augusten Burroughs book I just finished, having just ate a super yummy "smothered pork chop" dish that said Matty made, and applying for jobs at the Crime and Justice Institute). I really just plan on rambling on about my life, and sharing things that I think you ought to know like if Matty and I went for a bi

OMG no need to set your DVR

So, let's face it, I'm totally fascinating. You know, in that "I totally set my DVR to that and am checking Perez Hilton every 24 minutes for updates" sort of way. Except not really. I'm just a girl, in a city, with a lovely cast of supporting characters. My best friends are amazing, and my boyfriend, to die for. I do funny things. I do nice things. I've done some crazy things. Chances are I'll do more funny/nice/crazy things. I eat lots of food and drink lots of beer. I read books and see movies. And I talk mad shit. So I need a blog, because I am fucking interesting, damnit.