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Recapping 2019

How are we already at the end of the year? This year has been so good - miles travelled, miles run, kiddos growing, goals met, getting to do it all with the very best husband and friends and dog while working in the best job. Here is a little recap with just a sliver of it all! Geaux Saints! Repping in NOLA over a po' boy. January: Rang in 2019 with champagne, friends and leggings. Watched my favorite dude crush my favorite marathon and then spent an amazing night in my favorite city of New Orleans watching the Saints, then the Pats, and somehow managed to make our 5am flight.  11 years and I could not love him more. February: Celebrated 11 years since the most handsome, wonderful human being in the world asked to buy me a beer over a super fancy dinner. Watched the Pats win yet anooooother Superbowl with my favorite cheer squad. Survived winter in Boston, again.  Parade squad! Mama had car bombs for brekkie! March: Reached my goal of doing a half mar

Twas a Merry O'Shea Christmas

Ahhh the time of year when I have no idea what day it is, where I am supposed to be or how these cookies got in my mouth. I took down some of our Christmas decor today, but I am still loving quiet, dark mornings with coffee and my beautiful tree, so up it stays. The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year thanks mostly to all the fun ways that our little family celebrates. Visits with Santa, Christmas light peeping, meals with friends and all that togetherness that comes with the season. The rest of my love is from the ways in which our community comes together to make the season brighter for everyone else, including our annual road race and the toy drive that is hosted the same day. This year my Mom was with us for a week and we got to include her in what have now become our traditions - Boston Ballet's Nutcracker, dinner at Legal Seafood overlooking the Aquarium, new cookie recipes and watching Home Alone on repeat. Watching Maddie sing "I'm Gettin