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Letting go for Lent

Happy Mardi Gras!! I was going to whip up one my famous king cakes to get all gluttonous over tonight but as I sat on the couch last night and looked at the hours of prep that it takes )that I could have done during the three home bound snow days)...well it looks like Fat Tuesday is going to be Fat Sunday this year... So as much as today means party and fun and getting all that sin out of our system, tomorrow marks Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. It is also that time of year where I get really annoyed at all of the Facebook posts about people giving up chocolate or alcohol or whatever they failed doing for their New Year's Resolution. I appreciate giving up vices, I really do, but the real meaning of Lent is less about giving things up and more about giving more time to God. If you are giving up chocolate and spending that time that you would normally be shame-eating a bag of Kisses at your desk praying or volunteering or doing something great for others then you have th

Five Senses

Madeleine, the cutest snow angel! Seeing Snow, snow, everywhere, snow! We had the fifth biggest blizzard in history over the weekend (I have been in Boston for 2/5th of these!) and oh my goodness is there a lot of snow out there! We were smart and made sure to get a sled on Friday before the storm started so we got to take Madeleine sledding for her first (and second!) time. After Matty cleared out the stairs and the car on Saturday I pulled her around and she waved at the neighbors and giggled with each down slope; it was adorable. Today we took her down to the park near our house and pulled her around and then took her down a little hill with us a couple of times. We got some major belly laughs out of that! I already got out of work Friday for it and I am not-so-secretly hoping for just one more day of snow fun! Tasting Since I was not able to partake in the shoveling fun due to the five stitches in my hand, I was in charge of meals yesterday, and I must say it was a fun day