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The Break Up

My future Banksy. I have to admit something: I am in an unhealthy relationship that causes me to lose sleep, be less productive and makes me like myself a little less. So this week I decided to end it, a relationship that has lasted half of my life and given me (what I thought) were a lot of good memories. This week, I broke up with my snooze button. I know, devastating, right? Those sweet 9 minute increments in my alarm are gone. No longer an option. A thing of the past. It is day two and I am feeling like I can keep going. I can, right? See, the thing is, I abuse the snooze button. I will hit that bitch for an hour, even more, because I think it is allowing me to get more sleep, but I know it's not. Then when I wake up I just feel tired and guilty for missing my morning run, having to rush around or not getting my usual morning snuggles and Sesame Street time in with Maddie. It was starting to get out of control, so with my first marathon only a month and a half away and

Winding Down

It is kind of ironic to type the title of this blog when I am amidst one of those weeks where I alternate from not being able to believe that it is already Thursday to not being able to believe that it is only Thursday. This is what happens when everyone goes on vacation and leaves you in charge while you are simultaneously fighting a (finally winning) battle with a head cold. The goods news is that I have some free time to blog and my sense of smell and taste are coming back. Woohoo! Last weekend was the first time in six weeks that we haven't been to the beach. We pretty much meant to go, but then the sniffles came, the long runs for marathon training had to be done and the weather just wasn't that nice. I guess this truly means that summer is coming to a close. Dang. I did enjoy that three hour nap with the tot though, even if it wasn't in the sand. It has been a lot of years since I have been going "back to school" in the fall, but I always feel the symbol

Moms (mine, not Maddie's)

Hey guys! I've been a little quiet on the interwebs this week because my Mom is in town and we have been so busy having fun and spending all the time we can together in the short time that we get to be together. Mom is taking care of Maddie while our nanny is having a well-deserved week off, allowing Matty and I to save our vacation days and Mom to have some solo bonding time with the tot. I am a little jealous of all the fun those two are having, but it is so good for them to have this time and to create these memories, and I got to come home to homemade spaghetti Tuesday and get go browse Target after work tonight, so I still get a lot of the bonus of having Mom here. Not to mention the fact that Mom took me shopping on Newbury Street while the tot was kind enough to snooze the whole time. I so rarely spend money on myself these days, so it was darn nice to be spoiled (thanks Mommy!). I cannot even imagine how different our lives would be if we lived in the same state, or eve