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Winter Wish Listing

I feel like I have been home a lot lately. Like, way more than usual. It probably has a lot to do with the mass amounts of snow that we have been getting and the hibernation mode that puts me in as well as the fact that I have been going to the gym in the morning now, so I get to come straight home, which is awesome. This is going to be the last winter in this apartment, which of course has been making me stare at the walls and daydream about our new apartment, and I have decided that there are only a few things that I want that I don't have now: One or two of these little buggers would make me very happy, maybe just one since they are 85 pounds. Did I mention that they can climb trees?? So cool! I miss having a bedroom closet. I have a wardrobe, which I love, but I also have a serious addiction to clothes...and shoes...and jackets...and having an equally fashionable husband. Not having the storage space just plain sucks, and I refuse to live without a closet anymore!!! I want more

Apres Trente

Ah 30, that big looming number. I remember when 30 seemed really old. Like, people that were 30 were real adults that had things I could not be anywhere near attaining (careers, consistent bed times, spouses ). And then I was 25 and 30 was what a lot of my friends were or were close to being, and then another year or so passed and my friends were in their 40s and 50s. And now, at the ripe old age of 28 and three quarters, I even have people I call my friends that are in their 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s, I even have a friend in her 80s. Really, I do. And I love them. I love to listen to what their lives were like at my age, and how they view things that I love (Facebook, volunteering, children, celebrity gossip). They really, truly awe me and I find myself thinking about what I will be like when I am their age. Take, for instance, my friend Sister Mary Catherine of the Sisters of St. Joseph . The other night I got together with some of the women that I participated in a Communi


Oof, my head. Yep, I am feeling a wee (LOT) bit hungover today. Still. At 7pm. Whoops! Last night Craig and I pulled off a pretty epic surprise for his dear girlfriend, and my dear friend Emilia's birthday. Both of her parents were there, who I love and was happy to catch up with, as well as our nearest and dearest. Amy even came up from NoHo and we had a sleepover! It was awesome. I definitely drank too much on an empty stomach and am very thankful for my husband for getting me home safe despite my insistence on wearing cowgirl boots on the ice (thanks again, babe). I think I have been taking my new motto "drinking for two" a little too serious, and I may need to start climbing up the slope to sobriety as the begin date for Operation Make Baby grows nearer. Maybe after this beer. Hey - you don't have to stop drinking for 9 months, so quit judging! I find myself handling this new goal the same way I do most everything: lots of reading, researching and talking to my fr

New Year, Baby!!

Why hello there! And a very happy 2011! I hope that everyone had a safe, peaceful and joyous holiday season; I know I sure did. Christmas minus the gifts plus the massive hang out time was a pure success; we were able to share many meals and talks and drinks with most of the people that we love, and thanks to the "great snowstorm of 2010" we even got extra time with Megan and Julian. Score! New Years was a great time spent with the people that we love the most (and a new found vice of mine called whipped cream flavored vodka ). We had Amy, Kendra and Suad over for the evening, and Dave and his lady made a cameo, and we drank and laughed and (everyone but my passed out self) rang in the new year with a bang...well it was more like Kendra and Matty realizing what time it was and apparently Matty did this amazing dance which I missed out on, but still, it was an epic time. The next day we had guests in and out to visit all morning and afternoon, we ate red velvet pancakes and