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Inhale Exhale

I am sitting at our new desk in our guest room of our new home. The desk faces the window that overlooks our new street; I see trees and the neighbors, the baby kittens that live next door and the lawn that someone mowed while we were at work yesterday. I see my husband working on his bike, involved in his work and never the wiser that I am admiring him from inside. I cannot wait to watch this man be a father to our baby, to celebrate being my husband for a year in September, and to spend the rest of my days loving him. He really is the most amazing dude ever, seriously. The baby is growing bigger and more livelier in my tummy. Matty can feel her kicks and stretches and somersaults. She still lets me eat spicy food and sleep comfortably, but my back and stomach are no longer options at this point. Next week will mark my third trimester. Next weekend my bestie will come up from NoHo and we will hang out and shop for girlie things together and gossip and laugh. We will be joined by other

Good-Bye Green Line

Tonight is officially my last night as an Allstonian. Or a Brightonian. I won't even live off the green line after I wake up tomorrow morning. No more 45 minute train rides that stop every block, no more "This train will run express to Packard's Corner". Tomorrow when I wake up I will pack the cat into his carrier, grab my purse and my husband will drive me and this baby in my belly to Dorchester, to our home, where we will have our first baby, our first wedding anniversary, where we will be "mom and dad" for the first time instead of just "husband and wife" or "Stef and Matty". I will use the vacuum cleaner Matty bought last night, the first new vacuum cleaner I have ever owned in my twenty nine years, and I will hang up pictures from our wedding, our trips to other states and time zones, pictures of our friends and our families. And on Monday I will wake up and catch the Red Line into work. It won't take too long, despite being fart

A Quick Summer Update

That's our baby girl! Oh my gosh, it is July?! Where is the time going? Oh, maybe into moving/planning for baby/traveling/working/family/life.. .Things are so busy but are at the turning point for calming down, well at least as far as our life goes. Okay, I lied, the only thing that is going to calm down is that after this weekend we will be officially moved into our new place, but that really feels like it is going to make all of the other little things in my life so much easier. I am a routine person, I like to have my times that I do things and way that I do things and I feel like moving just makes everything absolute chaos - food isn't being made because the kitchen is a half-packed mess and we haven't been grocery shopping so we don't have to move perishables, evenings are spent being a tired prego lady or moving things over to the new place, and I don't want to waste time cleaning the old place but my OCD is making me not want to look at anything in our house