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Summer Check In!

Hey guys! Just in case you were wondering, we did indeed return from Martha's Vineyard. We thought about turning and running when our home bound ferry came for us, but we needed to get the cat some food and I didn't bring enough outfits for proper island life to continue. So, here we are, back in the thick of it. We returned from MV super late Saturday night, slept in and had a fairly normal day of church and errands and cleaning on Sunday until nap time. Then, shit got real. I had put Maddie down and, although she was awake, I left her in her crib to get herself asleep, which she has actually been able to do the past 5 months or so. Matty and I were sitting on the couch, basking in all our upcoming free minutes when we heard it: THUMP. BANG BANG. Say, what? The kiddo had escaped her crib. Houdini was officially, unequivocally, a toddler and our few months of finally getting to sleep through the night were OVER. Sigh. So since then it has been a couple weeks


Hi there! Just checking in from Martha's Vineyard where we are amidst our annual family vacation. It's just us three and my sis-in-law, her hubs and my sweet niece, which is less family than the past few years, but still plenty awesome.  We've been spending our days at the beach, strolling through the little towns on the island and eating grilled things outside for dinner each night. The weather has been agreeable though a little too hot for a cottage with no AC and too much leather furniture (yuck) but I'm tan and wearing flip flops all the time, so I'll take it.  Maddie has been enjoying the beach so much; she absolutely loves being in the water and will happily stay in until we have to drag her and her blue lips out. She hasn't been sleeping as well as she usually does while we are on vacation; a strong refusal to take a regular nap without some serious work has been the pattern, but it's so hot and light where her crib is that I can't help to sympath

Happy 5th!

Celebrating Independence Day in Style! Oh, sneaky day between the 4th of July and going on vacation, you are really messing with me! Here I am at work (well, physically anyway) getting ready for our annual week on the Vineyard with my SIL, BIL and my sweet niece. I am beyond excited to have a week to rest, be on the beach, take naps, read books and spend as much time as possible with my lovely little family. Maddie has turned into such a water baby - she is so happy just playing at the sink, splashing water and making a big, ol' wet mess. I cannot wait to hang out on the beach with her and watch her run around in the sand on those adorable little toddler legs. The past few weeks have been rough at work, produced one heck of a mean summer cold, and left me feeling as ready as can be to get out of the city and onto a beach chair. It has been hot as can be in Boston these past few days, and while I do love that it is no longer raining, a more gradual switch than a heat wave wou