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2016, Thus Far

Oh heyyy! Me again. It's been a while! The holidays are over and it's 2016 and al the sudden it's not even January anymore. Holy fast forward, Batman.  We are currently on day three, aka the last leg, of our first family of four road trip. I write this from somewhere before Orlando but after Daytona Beach after waking up in Savannah. It's been fun. It's been interesting. It's been not as terrible and I prayed it would not be. We even want to do it again someday! I'll definitely devote a post to some tricks and tips for driving a kajillion miles with a high energy 4 year old and rear facing 10 month old soon! But let's get back to 2016 because IT'S HERE! It's been here for a while! And we've been super busy!  Me: I've been training for the Boston Marathon and trying to figure out every clever way I can to raise money for Boston Cares, for whom I am proud to be running for. Training has been great so far, thanks entirely to a much more mild