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One Michael Jordan To Go

That is wh at Matty told me when I woke up this morning. After I realized where I was and that I had indeed fallen back asleep after my usual 4am "wake up and think about wedding plans that could wait until tomorrow" time, Matty explained "23"! In that many days I will be happily (blissfully, wonderfully) married to my best friend. I cannot wait. Literally. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up and it would be the Friday before and it would be time to see my Mommy and get my nails done. But, alas, there are 23 jam-packed days between now and then. This is the last weekend that Matty is working and I will be home alone so I am going to try and get all of my honeymoon necessity shopping in and get some last minute things like my lipstick, nail polish and some honeymoon outfits. Next weekend Nina and I are going to NYC to party it up one last, single-girl time and to seek out two last very important things for the big day (sorry, my lips are sealed until 09.12). The