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Hello, 35

Something you may not know about me is that I love to take surveys; I take them online for reward points to get magazines and Starbucks cards, but even if someone calls my "unlisted" number for a survey I will sure as shit talk to them. Maybe because it was my first job (telesurveyor - not to be confused with those terrible telemarketers), or maybe it is the sociologist in me who loves to gather data. Anyways, the point is, for most surveys I am now entering another age range to click. That's right, no longer will I be lumped in with people in their twenties, I am now thrown in the back of those in their forties. Yikes! But hey, such is life, that whole getting older thing, and I really. truly believe that a woman in her thirties is a hell of a lot more content than one in her twenties, so I assume it just keeps getting better. I feel so much more confident in my skin, with my voice, in my talents and even in my shortcomings. Although I still feel devastated when people