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Thankful // 2019

Thankful for healthy, happy kids who are so loved by our village and are growing into kind, opinionated and curious people of their own. Parenting ain't easy, but at least it's never dull. Thankful for a husband who loves me in a way that I never dreamed possible. A husband who makes my happiness a priority and works hard alongside me to make this life possible, to work towards our goals together and provides all the support I need to be the woman I strive to be. Thankful for these legs that keep letting me run and the best group of people to spend those miles with. People who have become best friends, therapists, babysitters, travel buddies and my motivation to keep at it. Thankful for a neighborhood filled with people who treat every kid as their own, support each other through the hard times and cheer each other on in the good times. Thankful for work that is fulfilling, meaningful, challenging and with people who inspire me. Thankful for this little rescue dog who