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Pre-Wedding Check In!

Last night Matty and I joined two of our dear HONO friends and four new friends at Stephi's on Tremont to fete our dear friend Ashley turning a fabulous 30. At the end of the night, when we were all saying our good-byes, Diana turned to me and said "see you next weekend" and for a split second I thought "are we doing brunch? do we have another birthday?" and then I realized: we will be seeing each other next weekend at MY WEDDING. H-o-l-y crap. My wedding!!!!!! A year and a half of planning and two and a half of spending every day connected to the most wonderful man in the world, and next Sunday we are walking down the aisle of our church and becoming husband and wife. Forever. And ever. Til death do us part. As you can imagine, I am beyond excited. Enthralled? Not even the half of it? Jumping up and down shrieking and squealing and squeezing my fists? Doesn't even begin to explain it. I get to marry the coolest guy in the world and he loves me as much as I