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The Wise Old Age of 27

I have been 27 for almost an entire week now, and I have barely even noticed. In fact the only things that reminds me are the awesome presents I have in my apartment, the fun pictures that keep popping up on Facebook, and the coupons in my email inbox for the free goodies I need to get at Sephora and Borders. I kind of keep forgetting that I am another year older, in fact you could say I am none the wiser to my old age! In the past when I turned another year older I would feel pressure regarding either what I had done to myself in the past 12 months, or what I needed to get done in the next 12. Always a graduation to achieve, a major life goal to reach for, activities or behaviors to swear off - there was always someway, somehow, a sort of negative aspect to my birthdays because it meant another year of school/being single/working at Starbucks/not knowing what or where the hell I would be by my next birthday/etc/etc. But not this year. This year, I just got to kick back and enjoy every