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I have the sick in my face! It's in my nose and throat and behind my eyes and I completely dislike it. I felt it coming on just a little bit yesterday morning when I woke up for spin class and it totally trickled along until I got home last night and felt completely demolished. Then I woke up this morning (well, got out of bed after waking up every hour) and it was just a big sick fest. My eyes were crusty and my nose was leaking and I am sure my husband just thought I was the prettiest zombie bride he had ever seen. At least I had this guy to snuggle with (though to his credit, my dear sweet husband was also not feeling aces and was willing to snuggle with my grossness). Normally I would just call out of work and roll over, but today was the last of three days of training at the Shirley Prison Complex and I did not want to miss it (especially the new frame-ready certificate I received). The training was great; it wasn't necessarily new information, but it was a lot of experien

Spring!? Is that you?!

It is sooo nice outside right now! Even though I still need a fleece and have a scarf on, I can actually walk down the street with out my eyes tearing up from the cold and I even saw the sun! The SUN ! I cannot wait for the cold weather to be a thing of the past and for more outdoor activities, such as bike rides and hikes in the Blue Hills and more time on the Cape and all of those awesome things that don't involve being frozen or cooped up inside!! I ran outside this morning, on my own, for pretty much the first time and it was perfect weather. My running was not perfect, far from it really, but I am starting to hate it less and have a goal that I am working for in the BAA 5k that happens the morning before the Marathon. Part of me feels silly "training" for running something that I could very well run without training, not to mention the fact that my first 5k is one day before my husband runs 9 times that distance, but part of me is happy that I am actually sticking wi

Mardi Gras in Boston

Last night Matty and I went to Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen to partake in the Mardi Gras party, which consisted of their delicious menu and an awesome band led by a man straight outta N'awlins. We started off with a sidecar (for me) and the crawdad (for Matty) and an appetizer of shrimp etouffe, which had a delicious sauce and was cooked to juicy perfection. For dinner I had the catfish sandwich, that was gushing with the best remoulade I've had in the North and a side of sweet potato fries. Matty had the ribs with collards, which were delicious and had a fantastic sauce smothered all over the ribs. For dessert we had the red velvet cake (of which we did not find the baby and win a free entree) and Makers Mark (neat for Matty, on the rocks for me). The band was just what I needed to lift my spirits and bring me back to that summer afternoon, less than a year after Katrina hit, when I was walking around the French Market during the Satchmo Festival and a band was set up u

Spring Forward

Check out how cute my bed mates are. This is why it is so hard to get up in the mornings...aside from the cold and the gym and all those other gross things. Have you been outside today? It is like, above freezing, crazy! I don't want to get too excited, but I really hope this means that Spring isn't too, too far away. I feel like it has been Winter forever. We went on our honeymoon and came home and then it was just cold...for months...did I mention that Saturday is our 6 month wedding anniversary! Sweet, no? That also means that it has been cold for 6 months. Ugh. This weekend my poor Matty had to work on Saturday, after he ran 18 miles, which left me time to get my nails done and go to Spin class and watch 90210 while I felt sad for him having to be at work. I tried to cheer him up by making this awesome bacon covered meat loaf though: I think he liked it, okay, I know he did. It had jalapenos in it! (and it made for a darn good sandwich last night). After we had our meatloaf