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Just a Few Things

Hello! Hello? Is that an echo I hear? The sound of months gone by neglecting this space of mine? It happens, it does, but it makes me sad every time it does, so let's just cut to the chase and get right to it! Just a few things going on around here: I ran the Boston Marathon, again. I did not PR, again. It was hot, it was sunny, and it just was not meant to be what I wanted it to be, which is a bummer but also, a lesson. I never shed those extra pounds I gained after the last marathon and I never ran in anything that wasn't totally cold, so now I know to fix those things next time. However, I cross trained a lot for the first time in my life, which meant that when I tried to pick it up and fly those last 5 miles, which I have never, ever been able to do, I did. I flew (well, as much as one does after 21 hard as hell miles). Keeping it in the tank was not in my ability range, but I guess it is now, and I am going to keep at that. What did not change was many, many hours a