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Busy bee me

I am taking advantage of this eerily uneventful day at work to play a little blog-catch-up, so here goes... Reno was amazing . I seriously could not have had a better time. Matty and I had so much fun together (as usual) and everyone loved him as much as I knew they would - he is kind of irresistible that way. It was awesome to see him bond with my family and friends and allow him to get to know even more about me. I feel like it has made our bond even stronger, and that he gets it, not like he didn't, but now I know for sure that he totally, 100% gets me. My Dad put us up in a beautiful sweet (which would have run us a few grand) for a few days at no cost but his company; we went to San Fran, Tahoe and Virginia City, it was just awesome. I feel a lot better about things with my Mom and am looking forward to going out there for Christmas this year to be with her. I am also trying to convince her to come out to Boston this summer sans-Bob for a little lady time, but we'll see if