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I'll be home for Christmas

I've been spending a whole lot of time, energy and emotion into deciding where I am going to be for Christmas, and it has been incredibly tiring, exhausting, and has just plain been taking the fun out of the whole idea of Christmas. I LOVE Christmas, with a passion. I love decorating the tree; Christmas movies like the original Grinch and Christmas Story; my iPod library of Christmas music that ranges from Dean Martin to the Ramones ; baking cookies for strangers; walking around the Common and looking at the lights; buying gifts; receiving gifts (it's my blog, why lie?). I just plain love Christmas. I think it's a good time just to be happy and enjoy the fact that people are extra nice and giving to others around this time. Christmas has also been a very family oriented time for me, and I have only spent one Christmas away from my Mom in my whole 26 years on this planet. That was my first Christmas here in Boston, and it was pretty fucking miserable. It was Richard and I

Makin' History

Happy voting day! Matty said it best when we woke up this morning: "today is a beautiful day to get the Republicans out of the White House." It is still early here on the East Coast, and I found out Alaska's polls are open until midnight EST, so I plan on pulling a late night, and hopefully a late celebration. I told Matty not to drink all the High Life so that we have some champagne to pop. I am hopeful that Obama is going to take this by a landslide, but we do have a plan B, just in case McCain and Palin somehow pull this off (ie. ballots at the bottom of the ocean, Florida style). Matty's company owns a plant in Belgium, and they love social reform there (including for prisoners, yay !). Couple that with our love of Allagash and Duvel and my ability to speak French and well, you get where this is going. Au Revoir to the decline of Western Civilization and Bon Jour to socialism! I'm happy to see all of the young people out there voting, as well as those wh