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This Weekend

Madeleine is very excited for Santa. This weekend was filled with Christmas parties (three in two days!), cleaning up the house for my Mom's arrival on Tuesday (yay!) and this conversation: Me (coming out of a two hour nap with the baby): "This is nice, just relaxing and still being in pjs so late on a Saturday" Matty: "You know, this is how most people spend weekends...." Me: "Oh c'mon we have to get in the shower and get going, I need to get envelopes and I want to go to Target and I'm hungry and what are you wearing tomorrow?" (my poor husband) On the Boston Common. We ate yummy food, had lots of adult beverages (ok, I did and I paid for it, hence still being in my pjs at 2:00 on a Saturday) and wrapped presents that we bought over the weekend and put them under the tree. I walked around the Boston Common with Maddie and we looked at the big Christmas tree and watched people sing carols in front of Macy's and jus

Currently 12.05

My last post was a little on the sad side, because I was a lot on the sad side, but it appears that things are looking up. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends for being you and supporting me and the family through our hard times. Y'all are the best. Here is what else I have been up to, just so you know that I am still breathing and allowing things to pass into the next phase of life. This face is quite possible the cure for all sadness. Watching: Matty and I have been trying so, so hard to get our DVR to less than 70%m but every time we are almost there something else replaces it! I am so far behind on Boardwalk Empire and Dexter, and don't even get me started on the Thursday night shows. And now all I want to do is record Christmas movies and anything that has stop animation. Thank goodness for upcoming days off during the holidays so we can knock some of this out while Maddie snoozes (fingers crossed). Listening To: I just made the most awesome playlist for