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Walking to New Orleans

We leave tomorrow! I am so excited to go back, on the three year anniversary of the last time I went, and see the progress that has been made. I am prepared to see that it has not progressed as much as I hope, but I am going there knowing that I get to help move it along, even if it is just a small piece of progress. I am most excited for Matty to experience something that was so crucial to my healing from my past and making me the person I am today. We are going to be doing all sorts of projects - building houses and community gardens, helping with clean up and hopefully something with another agency at a soup kitchen or school. We are also going to have a whole lot of fun - this is the first time I am staying past the volunteer days just to have fun - and we already have a four hour bike tour in the Ninth Ward booked as well as tickets to see Rebirth Brass Band! We are so, so fortunate to have raised so much money to get us there - and we can't thank everyone enough for making th

Happy Easter!

We are getting ready to head to Matty's Aunt's house for the annual O'Shea Easter Brunch (note the picture of the awesome cupcakes I made!). There will only be seven of us this year (yes, I said only, read on), but I can't wait to see everyone and eat some of Jane's amazing cooking. Easter is a very important holiday for us Catholics, and even more for us Catholics over on Quint Avenue. I present to you, an Easter story: Two years ago today Matty and I went to Church together for our first time. I was a pretend Catholic (having never been baptized or through Catechism) who hadn't been in a Catholic Church in a long time, and had never been with another person since moving to Boston. Matty had been away from the Church for a while for a lot of the reasons young Boston-bred Irish Catholics stop going to Church. We both decided we wanted to go together, and since our schedules were pretty crazy back then (Matty worked nights, I worked bankers hours), Easter turned

I Do Not Blog Enough

This is true, and I really do want to change it. I love having somewhere to track my adventures and share my life and I like looking over past blogs and most of all, I love keeping up with people by reading their blogs and get sad when they don't post regularly (hello hypocrite I am!). So, instead of droning on about why I haven't been blogging enough, let's play catch up and move forward with a better blogging habit! Here are the most important things I have been up to (aside from partaking in my famous Peep-tinis last night, which I have posted as a reminder to stay away from sugar today to avoid diabetic shock): Planning our wedding! Everything is going smooth - we have a Church, a reception (at the other Church), a stationary company that makes everything with bikes on it, and two people who are insanely in love. Now we are focusing on getting the money in our savings account, which is by far the least fun and most stressful part of wedding planning, but we are getting