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Fall!! Oh, wait...Fall!?!?

We went to Niagara Falls and it was beautiful and breathtaking and wet. I know that Fall doesn't technically begin until the end of the month but the crisp air and the pumpkin flavored coffee has me so excited for my favorite season! I love the Fall, especially in New England; apple picking, pumpkin flavored things, scarves and sweaters, Halloween and the O'Shea Annual Oktoberfest party; Halloween and Thanksgiving (candy and gluttony) and...oh my God, wait...Fall...then that must mean....holy shit, we're having a baby! (cue tire squeals) This little person who has been growing in side of me, and who is currently bopping and kicking and squirming around, is going to be here in just a few more months, and we just cannot wait to meet her. This week we toured Mt. Auburn where I will be giving birth and it really, really hit me that there is a period of time between being pregnant and cuddling our little girl; namely, that somehow I have to get this little baby out of me