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My Boston, My Home

In 19 days I will be almost halfway through my first Boston Marathon. Less than three weeks. One little 15 mile run and then very short runs. Lots of stretching and clamshells (the workout, not the mermaid accessory). Very little alcohol or fried foods. I ran 21.5 miles from Hopkinton to Boston College last Saturday (I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 21 or 22 so I compromised). I haven't run more than 19 miles since the last time I ran a marathon. As I pushed up and down and up and down those famous hills I crested towards the BC chapel and saw that beautiful skyline. The same one that I remember seeing on the airplane about a year after I moved to Boston. coming back from visiting my mom on the heels of my massive breakup, heartbreak and meltdown. That skyline that made me say to myself "home, THIS is what feels like home. MY Boston" for the first time. That skyline that I always love to see when we drive home from a visit to the Cape or Maine or anywhere outside o

Happy First Birthday, Annabel Marie!

It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since this little human came into our lives. Two weeks early and at first the calmest little baby that ever did we have a walking, talking, screeching, eating machine! Oh what a difference a year makes! Although it is tomorrow, Mama has to run 22 miles and then get your birthday party together, so here is Annabel at one (minus one day)! At one year Annie is: Walking Laughing (this forced deep laugh that cracks us all up) Saying 'Dada', 'kitty' and 'Mama' (finally! this JUST started!) Sleeping about 11 hours a night in her own space (we stopped cosleeping about three weeks ago when it stopped being the best way for everyone to get a good night's sleep) Nursing and eating at least three meals and two snacks a day (tank baby!) Around 20 pounds and still pretty short (compared to me and sister) Her favorites: People: big sister (who gets the biggest smiles and most attention), her nanny He

5 Things I Love // 3

This simple golf ball rolling technique . I do it when I am sitting at my desk and it feels so good and has definitely helped with a sore arch that I have been experiencing this marathon training. It took about 4 years and 2 marathons but I am finally getting into these little upkeep tricks for my body! I just finished a great book about the funeral industry/death and dying and it has really made me think about how my own anxiety flares up around this subject. Before grad school I took a stint as a deputy coroner where I was responsible for responding to all deaths in the county from 4pm to 4am and had to tag, bag, photograph and call the funeral home. It was an incredible experience and helped me realize that working with dead people was likely not my calling, due mostly to my inability to separate the body from the life (damn you extreme empathy) and maybe even helped push me into a life of helping people while they are still alive. BUT I wonder what would have happened if my a

46 Days to Hopkinton

Well, well, well here we are. 46 days. 7 Saturdays. 2 course dress rehearsals. Then it is GO TIME. Training is going great. Can I say that? It's my third marathon so I have something to compare to but this is like no other. This is Boston . I am running for charity and life is totally different then the first and second time I set out for 26.2 (because it always is, isn't it?). I have a baby who sleeps in my bed and wakes up a lot to nurse or cuddle or play pat-a-cake on my forehead at 2am. I put in a lot of time in the office and at night after the girls are asleep building my career. I have fundraisers to attend, beers to drink, friends to enjoy, a husband to cherish. I am tired. I am sore. I have thirteen other things I should be doing right now. But here I am and I am doing it and putting, ahem, my best foot forward. BUT I really truly trust in my training. I get out there and get the miles under my feet every Saturday. I make it to the Pilates class by run club host