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Run, Stefanie, Run!

I did it! I ran my first race! If only I liked IPAs.  Let's back this story up a bit, to a time before there was a baby in our lives, when time flowed like wine at an Italian wedding, when sleep was something I spent at least 9 hours a night doing, sometimes even more, because I damn well could. It was the summer of 2010 and wedding plans were wrapping up as our wedding date was getting closer. I was spending a lot of time and the gym keeping myself in shape and able to keep that gorgeous wedding gown of mine fitting like a glove. I went to the gym before work, after work or on the weekends and Matty and I spent a lot of time on our bikes. Around this time Matty had the crazy idea of running the Boston Marathon to support the National Organization for Rare Disorders. I thought this was pretty insane - why would anyone want to run for that long, and was that even possible? It sounded miserable to me. But, being the supportive lady I am, I decided that I would tag along with Ma

My First Mother's Day

I am a couple of weeks behind, but I wanted to share my first Mother's Day and show some pictures from our awesome afternoon. I haven't been finding much time to blog lately; work has been consistently busy with lots of projects, I have been running and yoga-ing a lot, we have been doing lots of fun things, and we have this little person who I would much rather kiss and hold and play with when she is awake...and that just does not leave much time (sleep, what?). So, without further ado, my First Mother's Day! The day before Mother's Day was Matty's birthday so we had a delicious brunch at our favorite restaurant (aka Aunt Jane's house) and then left Maddie there so we could go to the movies. We had not been to the movies since I was prego (possibly as far back as my 2nd trimester) so this was a pretty big treat. Since it was Matty's birthday he got to pick, which obviously resulted in us seeing the Avengers in 3D IMAX. I am not a huge fan of action movies

Dirty Thirty!!

A collage of my birthday dinner; Maddie had sweet potatoes and was loving them! Monday night before bed I kissed my wonderful husband good night, I kissed my beautiful baby good night, and then I snuggled into bed (well before most senior citizens) and kissed my sweet, sweet twenties good night and good bye. Forever. Then, a miracle happened. I woke up Tuesday and felt...the same! I checked the mirror and I still had blonde highlights (no greys!), I didn't see any wrinkles (unless I crinkle my nose up) and I still looked pretty hot (well, for it being 5am and me having a breastfeeding baby). You heard it here first, folks, I made it to thirty and lived to tell about it! After a three mile run (one for each decade), opening my BEAUTIFUL new Tiffany necklace, playing with the baby and handing her off to our wonderful nanny, and putting on my favorite polka dot dress I set off for work and spent my walk to the T reflecting on all of the things I did in my twenties, and holy shit