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Ok, so it is overcast for the millionth day so far this year, but Monday was gorgeous and it was also the first day of NO SCHOOL for Maddie! Come August I will be begging for school to start, but right now it feels like a little slice of heaven. No dragging a kid out of bed at 6am. No packing lunches based on an increasingly complex algorithm of what my kid will eat that week. No running out of the house for 7:30 drop off then running back to get ready for work. It is the time for lax bedtimes, late dinners after soaking in all the extra daylight outside, reading together on the porch, beach bound weekend mornings. We have plans for a week down the Cape, a long weekend in New Hampshire and are looking into a long weekend in Acadia. We will be outside as much as possible and taking advantage of movies in the park, a beach we can bike to, the ice cream man and his incessant stalking of children at dinnertime. This is the time of year I LIVE for! In New England, we survive the t