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My Favorite Part Of The Day

I was standing in my kitchen yesterday, cooking this beef stroganoff recipe that I got out of Real Simple Magazine and secured safely in my new Recipe Book (thanks Santa Mom!), and an overwhelming feeling of contentment whooshed over me. The thing about New Years is that no matter how much you love or hate resolutions and such, it's definitely the time of year where you both reflect back and look forward, and as if you can't even help yourself, new goals are made and old ones are checked off. Last year was simply, truly, definitively amazing . I celebrated a year of pure bliss with Matty on the same day he asked me for the rest of my years and put a beautiful pink couldn't-be-more-made-for-Stefanie ring on my finger. I travelled to places I had never been - Maine, the Cape, Martha's Vineyard, Chicago - and places I had - Reno, New York, San Francisco. I managed to celebrate a whole year at one job (!) while continuing to progress and move forward in my career goals (wh