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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Matty introduces me to Madeleine for the first time Happy New Year's Eve everyone! You know what I love about this time of year, aside from playing with all my new Christmas presents?: the lists. I love me some lists, and as the year ends everyone has them - the top news stories, the biggest celebrity breakups, the best this and that. I just can't get enough of them. And so, in the spirit of year-end lists, I present to you my own lists of the top Stefanie-centric things and events of 2011 - enjoy! Three generations in front of our well decorated Christmas Tree My Top Ten Life Events of 2011 Giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl Moving to our new home and new neighborhood (Dot Rats for life!) Watching my husband finish the Boston Marathon (his 1st marathon ever) Celebrating the first year of marriage to my amazing, loving husband Getting to tell our family and friends about our bun in the oven My sister-in-law moving back to the East Coast from Seattle Buying our f


There are many strange things about no longer being pregnant. The most obvious is the fact that the little person growing inside of me is now here, in our world, in our arms and even more in our hearts. We have a baby! Because she is out in the world means that I am no longer carrying her around in my tummy. That, is the second strangest thing. I know, I know, how totally obvious. I was pregnant one day and then the next, I was not, but it takes a whole lot of getting used to after lugging someone else around for 10 months, the latter half of them spent very obviously being pregnant (hello baby bump!). I had a lot of fun with my maternity fashion thanks to a) being pregnant in the summer (sundresses rule) b) Destination Maternity, Gap, Target and all of the awesome options for hip clothes for the prego set and c) that I did not gain a ton of weight (despite my best ice-cream eating efforts to do so) and so I was able to mix maternity and non-maternity options, and I actually wore a lo


I am a Mommy!! It happened on November 20 at 2:37am when Madeleine Jane came into the world, into my arms, and instantly became the love of my life. She's amazing, being a Mommy is amazing, and watching Matty be a Daddy is the most incredible thing to witness. Last night was a major milestone for me emotionally; Maddie was crying a little so I went to pick her up expecting to feed or change her as we do in the middle of the night, but as soon as I picked her up she just nestled her face into my neck, put her arm on my shoulder and quieted. She just wanted her Mommy. That was all. She just wanted me to make it all better. And I did. Because I am someone's Mommy. What an incredible blessing. Xoxo, Mommy