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Beach Day!

Sunday we took Madeleine to Nantasket for her first day on the beach and she LOVED it! As soon as her chubby little hands touched the sand it was in her mouth, her hair-everywhere! She loved the water and stood the cold temperature much better than her Mama does. We've been taking her to swim lessons at the Y, mostly so she can get comfortable with water and splashing around, and she did so awesome in the classes. She was always excited to be in the water and didn't fuss at all when she got it on her face, even when she dunked her little face in! She's going to be a little fishy! Beach days take a little more planning and packing than pre-baby (tent, toys, swim diaper!) but I'm so very excited for many more in the next few months. Good thing we'll be on the Vineyard for a week starting Sunday!! Even though the official start of summer just passed, I feel like we have been having a very busy, fun summer. We have lots of friends getting married; two weddings dow