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Baby Shower!

Yesterday my four favorite ladies feted me and Baby O'Shea with a gorgeous baby shower. Everything was perfect and so perfectly me - lots of pink, owls, yummy eats and cupcakes from my favorite place - what more could a prego lady ask for? Nothing! But I did get more - I got to see some really wonderful women who made me and this little (er, not so little lately) bump in my belly feel like a million bucks and showered with love and gifts (so, so many precious gifts). I am so thankful for the ladies that came and it really meant so much to me to see these women who have seen me through so many phases of my life - work friends past and present, NOLA volunteer friends, friends I have inherited from Matty and his life before me - who all had one thing in common: they are all true, dear friends to me and made me feel so grateful to have them as I move closer to this new phase in my life. When I got home last night and sat on the nursery floor with Matty showing him all the new clothes,


Check out that bump! I would be ashamed to put a picture of myself in my underwear on the internet, except that those are Minnie Mouse underwear, so there is obviously no sex oozing from this photo...I hope...for you. Yay! More ways to waste time, I mean, create things and organize ideas! I made a Pinterest account and am loving it. You should check it out; my boards are kind of bare, but there are some great ideas and pictures on here. It makes me happy to look at. Matty and I are working on a theme for our upcoming maternity shoot and I think we have an amazing idea. I am going to keep it under wraps for a bit and wait to hear back from our photographer to see if we are totally weird or just extremely clever, then I will share, I promise. Let's just say that googling the theme with "maternity shoot" will not bring up anything, and may even worry your boss if you do it from work. I was going to work late today to make up for not being around much this week with doctors

Home Depot

I used to loooooathe going to Home Depot, mostly because it meant that my parents were dragging me there before asking me to slave, er work with them all day doing some ridiculous project like staining the flipping porch, including the underneath where all the spiders lived, on a beautiful summer day when I would rather have been doing anything else at all. Anything. Home Depot mostly made me feel dread, all hardware stores did really, even if they happened to have the added perk of free popcorn or a hot dog cart because, let's face it, one hot dog ain't gonna erase an afternoon of being under the porch with a paintbrush and a black widow in your hair. But now....sorry if you think I am going to say how much I love Home Depot and that I decided to do the baby's room in a lovely bright orange and don't even mind that the Watertown store doesn't have a snack bar (because I do) but...I don't hate it! Last night I was even glad to be there, which was probably due t

Catching Up

I think it's despicable that I only post once a month, I promise (myself) that will change, even if it's just a few words on life, some pictures or a random thought, I will post more. I follow a lot of bloggers and I look forward to their (more frequent) posts, so I need to embody their consistency and get to it! Oh, and I heart blogging and the great feedback I get from my friends, which are the best reasons of all to post more! Since we last spoke.... Fall kind of turned into Summer but is turning back to Fall, I hope. It's October, which meant an intense need to go apple picking and find the perfect pumpkin, so Matty, Kate and I set out for Tougas Family Farm to get our fill yesterday. It was a pretty farm with a great selection of apples (which is important for our varied needs to bake, puree, eat and cook) and they had pygmy goats (!!) the only issue was, that even in a tank top and flip flops, it was just too damn hot. At eight months prego I could be biased, but ski