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5 Things I Love // 4

Happy Friday, y'all! This has been a bananas week with my first overnight away from baby Annabel, lots of work projects due, an event at Maddie's school and trying to stay awake past 8:30 so that someday we might finish  up Mad Men. Ah, this life of mine. Here are some of the things making me happy! Physical Therapy : not so much needing to go, but it has made such a huge difference in the way I feel before and after runs and has made me actually do the stretching that all runners tell other people to do and never do themselves. I go to Elliot Physical Therapy along with most everyone else in my running club and they are by far the nicest, most patient, talented people. I feel even better about this marathon because of the work they have done on me! Radio Flyer Wagons : My Mom got this for Annabel for her birthday and both girls are LOVING it. Also, super easy to maneuver around for the grown ups. it is such a great alternative to double strollers and they look so darn