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Wishing for 8 Days a Week

Fish at the pediatrician's office! We need some of these. No, not the Beatle's song, though I do like that song, especially as it relates to a cute story about my husband and his father's awesome storytelling that resulted in little Matt O'Shea explaining that England has 8 days in a week due to Greenwich Mean Time. Ah, I cannot wait for Maddie to start being fooled by her Papa's elaborate stories. I want eight days a week because seven is just not enough anymore - not even close, actually. Between work time, family time, personal time, friend time and the most overlooked, sleep time I just really want one more day to have time to do more of it (especially that last one). A typical weekday has me up at 5am and out the door for a run, back to hang out with Maddie and have breakfast and play and watch Sesame Street, then it is off to work while Maddie and her nanny go on awesome adventures. I get home, we cook and play and dance and have tubbie time, sometime