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This Too Shall Pass

I am literally, figuratively and completely exhausted. The kind of tired where your eyes feel thick and heavy; where you're starving but have no appetite at the same time. The kind of tired where you want to cry but it just seems like it would take too much energy. I feel like there is so much weight on my shoulders. There are so many things that must get done and I don't know where to start because I don't want to do any of it. I just want to lay down and pretend that everything is done and perfect, but it's not. I want to get into the holiday spirit; get a tree and play my favorite Louis Armstrong Christmas song with eggnog and bourbon and my little family dancing around while we decorate. I want to think about the surprises I will create for Madeleine this Christmas and in the years to come. I want to create gifts for the people in my life who I love so much. I need to figure out how to print the adorable thank you cards I had made for Maddie's first birthday


11 months of cuteness! In just eight days my sweet baby girl is turning ONE. Say what ?!? I cannot believe it has been a year since our family was completed by her birth and yet it feels as though she has always been a part of us. The joy and love that little person bring into my heart is at times just too much to handle; I can literally feel my heart stretch with more and more love for her each and every day. Being her mama is the best gift I have been given; she has taught me and her dada so much about love, the world and ourselves and it every day just brings more fun. Happy almost birthday my baby girl! On Saturday we will celebrate amongst our Boston friends and family with a Sophie the Giraffe themed party (of course); it has been so much fun to prepare for the day and I can't wait to have everyone over to eat, sing and celebrate this awesome year. It really, truly takes a village to raise a child, and the party will be a reflection of all of the people that have helped