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Mail Box

I really love to check the mail, like I can't wait to get everyone and everything in the house in the afternoons so I can grab that little key by our family pictures and turn the lock to see what is there. No, really. I'm not usually expecting anything specific, but I just love to see what is waiting for me on any given day. Sometimes it is a new issue of a magazine (Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, to name a few of our subscriptions) and though I don't usually have time these days to sit down and enjoy it right away, knowing that Matty and I will choose recipes out of them that we want to cook for each other, that I will dog ear pages of places to put on our travel bucket list and that they will be tucked away to read at the beach or during a family nap (aka mommy's reading time) makes me happy. Sometimes there are cards from family and friends to the baby, which I love to see. Her little name printed on an envelope always makes me smile; su


Enjoying her four months of life during a trip to Newport, RI Baby girl had her four month check up yesterday and our pediatrician confirmed everything we already knew: she's totally perfect! She is gaining the right amount of weight, growing longer and longer and ahead of the curve with her rolling over (both ways!) and ability to sit up (with a little help). I was super glad to hear the pediatrician say that her weight is just fine, as that was the only thing I was concerned about. I feared hearing that my pumping at work wasn't enough and that I would have to supplement with formula. It's the one thing I really, really want to avoid, and it looks like we get to! The doctor also commented on how happy and easygoing Madeleine is, and also how calm and relaxed I am, which was a huge compliment. I definitely feel like I have this mama thing down, but hearing it from a woman who sees dozens of moms and babies every day was a major boost to my mood and confidence. I feel like