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Whatcha Cookin', Good Lookin'?

One of my favorite regular activities that occurs in our home is cooking. Matty loves to cook (and is really good at it) and I love to cook (and am okay at it) and we both love to eat - it's quite a perfect situation, really. Both of us like to cook different things - he experiments with different meats and techniques while I get obsessed with a type of cuisine (last year it was all things Asian, this year I want to master Indian). Sometimes we cook together, usually one person as the sous chef/dishwasher and the other as the master chef, but what we really like to do is impress each other, or at least I try to impress him because I think he is such an awesome cook. It's kind of romantic really, one of us will be cooking away in the kitchen, banging around pans and spices while the other sits in another room yelling out offers of help every commercial break or so (neither of us ever allows it, that is what the post-dinner dishes are for). Then, there is the serving and the hold