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The Employment Line

I just accepted a job offer! I am going to be the newest Case Manager at Community Work Services . I am so excited to be back in the real world and, more importantly, back to helping people! I think that this job is going to mesh really well with where I am at in my life. The work day always ends at 4:30, there is early release on Fridays and the day before holidays (of which there are 11 paid!), and there are no weekends or on-call shifts. This schedule is awesome because right now all I want to focus on (aside from work) is being married and jumping back into volunteering. Now that I am not directly working with the prison population I plan on joining an organization that goes into the prison to do tutoring and mentoring with inmates; this is something I have wanted to do for years but did not want to burn myself out by doing it in addition to my work with them. I am also going to diligently seek a board that I can become a member of, hopefully in the area of animal or child welfare.

Take This Job and Shove It!

I quit my job. Or, as I explained to a friend yesterday, I totally "Jerry Maguire'd" out of that place. I was miserable, not because of the work, but because of a boss that thought yelling and pointing and degrading people was a proper mean of communication. I went to HR. Then I called them. Ad I emailed them and nothing happened. Other people went, staff walked out of his office in tears and he continued his completely unprofessional behavior. It would not stop. So, in a meeting where I had a lot to say, he came in uninvited and took it over with his negative words and violent behavior, and I realized I could not do it anymore. My anxiety took over and I thought I would pass out, so instead, I stood up and walked out. Poof. I was gone. It was not an easy decision and it is by far the most spontaneous and irresponsible thing I have done in quite some time, but I am now totally, completely sure that it was the best way to handle the situation. I am less than two months awa