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I'd like to thank the Academy...

I am sitting at home watching the Oscars in my husband's long underwear surrounded by pizza and wings and a big fat cat. Glam, I know! Honestly though, I am so happy to be at home relaxing; I haven't had any down time since I got home from San Diego on Wednesday and I really needed a night on the couch...and since it fell on a celeb holiday, it's even better! San Diego was awesome; it was so wonderful to spend time with such a large percentage of my family and to be warm and outside in the sun . I posted all the pics on my Facebook if you are so compelled to take a peek. I got home Wednesday night and went right back to work on Thursday, which usually is rough but since I have such awesome co-workers it was totally smooth and without any chaos! It was also good to go right back because I would have spent the whole day laying on the couch crying about how much I miss my Mommy and being at work didn't give me that opportunity, though I did spend most of Wednesday night

Home Means Nevada

Home means the hills, home means the sage and pine...and also a crap ton of snow that I was trying to avoid. Yep, I left freezing Boston for Reno, where the highs were hitting the 60's and flew right into a snow storm and Facebook posts from home about the Spring-like weather. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool. I take back all of the defending of you that I did earlier this winter. All of it. The thing about snow in Reno versus snow in Boston is that Reno snow actually messes up my plans; I can't just hop on the T and grumble about the two block walk to my destination, no, here in Reno people actually have to drive long distances past flipped over cars and risk not getting to pass between here and Sacramento when Donner Pass closes and have to shovel their own sidewalks. I have become so spoiled in my big city that I almost forgot all about these legitimate reasons to hate the snow. However, since I am little miss sunshine, I have found the silver lining and am enjoying my time

Third Time's A Charm

This is the house next door before this last storm. Crazy, right!?! Woohoo! Snow day! Again! Yeah, I love me some snow days, but I am starting to feel a little guilty about them. This is the third one! I feel like I am a school girl again...except I don't have to make them up at the end of the year...and I am getting paid for it...okay I know that I shouldn't feel guilty but I just really love my job, and my co-workers and I was sick on Monday so I have only worked one day this week! Doesn't this sound like the absolute opposite of the way I talked about my last job? Yep, because it is. And I am still very, very thankful for that. So what to do on a snow day when it is actually too gross to be outside? Make to-do lists, of course! And cross some things off of your constant gmail tasks to-do list, while you're at it. Or sit on the couch and watch E! News...I mean, you know, hypothetically these are all things you could do. Or I could do. Okay, but I didn't see it la