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Birthday Blogging!

I woke up today as a 33 year old, which is so weird to think about because I can barely see myself as that; I still feel like a kid! But here I am with two babies and a mortgage and a great career and an upcoming five year anniversary with this amazing man who I have this incredibly adult relationship with. And I am only 33! I feel like I have accomplished so much yet there is so much I want to do before 34. Birthdays are funny like that. I think about everything I have accomplished since my last one (a healthy pregnancy and baby, a home, a promotion, another marathon) and everything I want to do next (be a better mother of two, home improvements, more success at work, another marathon).  But here I am, in this moment, enjoying a free Starbucks looking out at the Boston Marathon finish line, a 5 week old strapped to my chest and just trying to be present; to respond to all of the lovely texts and messages from this amazing treasury of friends I have accumulated in these 33 years, to en