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The True Meaning of Christmas, O'Shea style

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...the best marriage a lady could ask for. Seriously, I hit the mother of all marriage jackpots with my husband, and I really, truly thank God every day for him. He is amazing. And today, we put our two amazing heads together and made our second big, responsible decision together as husband and wife: to get back to the true meaning of Christmas by forgoing presents in exchange for giving each other and our loved ones something that there is never enough of in the world: time. Instead of scrambling around with the week before Christmas' paycheck, buying each other (and everyone else) things off of our Amazon lists, we are going to take that money and pay off all of the bills that have been piling up (and continue to do so) since we got married and enjoy the warm, cozy feeling of financial stability this holiday season. We are going to spend Christmas in our apartment with our big, beautifully decorated Christmas tree making a huge