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A is for...

AUGUST! Here we are half way through August and my tan is just now getting good, so here is hoping for a September that still has beach days because I am really not ready to let this summer go yet. I am now fully aware that we New Englanders make up for the horrific winters by jamming a million things into the summer months and I am officially ok with it, though my husband may say differently. Last weekend, for example, our Sunday afternoon opened up and so we drove up to York, Maine to eat at the Goldenrod, go to the zoo and enjoy one of the most beautiful drives along the water. It was awesome and as we sat in traffic on the way home I couldn't believe that we had spent the morning at Maddie's swim class but then crossed three states and pet baby goats. I love you, New England, even if I do say otherwise in the middle of February. Kiddo is wearing zebra leggings too, if you can't tell. GOATS! She was so sweet with them and I really wanted to take one home.