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Sunday Morning Cartoons

Matty has a blog. I think this is pretty awesome. Despite the tone of cynicism about his creative writing, he is super talented, and I really hope he posts some of it. When we first started dating he let me read something that was published (!) and it was overwhelmingly good in addition to giving me a priceless insight into his life. So, do yourself a favor and follow it . In other news, it is quarter after seven on a Sunday. I am watching old Tom & Jerry cartoons, which I seriously have not done in years and years. After I became a teenager, I totally stopped watching cartoons (exempt from this are Disney movies, obvs). It's weird because my Mom loves cartoons and always watched them when I was home, but I had no interest and, like most of my childhood, would rather bury my nose in a book. Not this morning though; I am going to pour myself a big bowl of cereal and sit here in my pjs. I have declared today "Stefanie Day" in the continental United States (and parts of


I fell on the wagon. That's right, I am one floor punch from being straightedge, and I have the 'roid rage to prove it. Before you clear the date for my next birthday party, let me explain. In the few months leading up to my Reno trip and my birthday I had a whole lot of nothing going on - the weather was shitty, people were hibernating, and there wasn't a whole lot to do that was fun besides eat and drink. Lucky for me (or not, as may be explained), I live with one of the best cooks I know, and have an ID that says I can drink at any of the bars I can slowly, fully tummy walk to in less time than it takes for my heart rate to reach that of a three-toed sloth's. People, I will admit it right here, I got a little.... fat . I know, I know what you are all going to say "you look fine", "you've gained your nesting weight" (thanks Mom), "you're a riot grrl - you don't conform to the bullshit societal pressures that the patriarch puts on w

Bye Bye ThatSpace

I decided yesterday that I was going to pretty much** delete my MySpace page. Gasp! I know, now what am I going to do with my free time that isn't spent on facebook , twitter, hotmail , gmail , perezhilton , people, the 12 blogs I follow I used to be obsessed with MySpace , seriously. I used it to communicate with everyone after I left Reno, stalk people when I drank too much and couldn't be seen in public, and to air all of my dirty laundry when I was going through some very major life changing events. As I deleted comments, I took a trip down memory lane. All of the friends that I used to be really close to; the friends that I wasn't that close with but are now some of my bff's ; pictures of a blond me, a drunk me, a tan me; comments of a life no longer being lived by me. It was a little emotional, but nothing close to the emotion that I felt as I looked through all my old blogs. They started when I was getting ready to finish my undergraduate degree at U