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Currently: End of Summer Edition

I cannot believe that Labor Day weekend is just a few days away! So much has happened this Summer since my last Currently post and I can honestly say this has been a Summer for the books! Here is what we are up to as the summer rolls out and pumpkin everything   Fall comes in behind it. Reading: I am a couple hundred pages away from completing Allegiant, which is the final book in a trilogy by Veronica Roth, and it is due back at the library tomorrow so I better hurry! Most of my friends had a decline in their enjoyment of the books as the trilogy went on, and while I do agree that the first one was the best, I am actually still into the second and third. As with a lot of YA books, I do get a little annoyed at the brooding, poor decision, boy-crazy female protagonist, but it made for some good summer reading. Eating: I am trying to get in all the yummy summer fruits before they are gone, and have been incorporating lots of random berries into my morning smoothies. Also, I starte

On Street Harrassment

This was on everything I owned as a young woman and is still a favorite picture. Kathleen Hanna circa 1992 (I was ten). I have a memory in my late teens of eating at a local pizza place in Reno with my Mom when two men sat down next to us and started staring, leering and uttering that oh-so-charming "pssssttt" at us. As a feminist (riot grrl identified, thankyouverymuch) it made every sense in the world to me to look them directly in the eye and tell them to FUCK OFF , Kathleen Hanna style. My Mom was equal parts impressed but also worried; what if they retaliated? What if they got physical? My thoughts: let them try . Hell, bring it on, assholes; I will be happy to take you on or get you arrested for assaulting two women just trying to have a mother daughter lunch together. Many years and one move to one of the country's most progressive cities and I am steal dealing with the same shit, and I am still as pissed off as ever. Actually, I am even more pissed because

Summer's Last Hurrah

Well folks, this is it, the final breaths of summer. I can feel it in my heart, in the long sleeve t shirt I have on and the not-so-sad feeling I have over pumpkin spice lattes coming back. I haven't been here a lot because I have been trying to take in every single last bit of the summer that I can. I just want to be outside, to wear sandals, to opt for ice cream before dinner. Of course now that we have gotten used to having our air conditioner off the weather says it will be in the 80s next week, so down the windows come and on that sweet AC goes, but I have a feeling this will be it. The last warm hurrah. This summer has been good to us, even if it was incredibly, terribly, awfully stressful as we worked towards getting our house. I mean, we got the house, and we still managed to spend some quality weekends on the beach, so it wasn't all bad. My Mom will come today to spend the week with Madeleine while our beloved nanny preps for her wedding, then we will drop

Back to "Normal"

Whelp, now that we did that whole buying a house thing, we finally get to settle in and get back to our regularly scheduled know, the mundane, regular ol' life we have.  Ha! Not that I would ever want to describe life like that, but y'all know this life we are living is anything but boring! Last weekend Matty did not have class for the first time in months, so he was the best and took Maddie to gymnastics class while I got a little manicure/pedicure and some quiet, alone time with a Starbucks. Then we all went to our friend's birthday party who happens to also be the mama of Maddie's very best friend. We had a blast swimming in the pool, watching the girls play and getting down and dirty with an ice cream cake. On the way home Maddie passed right out, leaving us time to run some errands and pick up my packet for the tri on Sunday.  Speaking of the is how that went: We were up bright and early to get to South

We Moved!

Hooray! After months that felt like years and more money than I can even wrap my head around, we are officially home owners! We closed on Thursday morning and had the last of our things out of our old apartment Friday morning (on our way to Newport Jazz Fest because, obviously we like to keep things interesting way too busy). Although it is all a little overwhelming, it is also incredibly amazing to have reached this goal that we have been working on for so long and to focus on the next chapter of our lives...and painting; I cannot wait to paint! We moved into a pretty nicely renovated condo, but there are a lot of little things that we need to do and we have started a book of the bigger things that we want to do over time. It is so fun to know that we can do whatever we want to our home and make it perfect for us. I will definitely be taking some photos for a little tour around the new place and document everything that we do. I see a lot of Home Depot time in my future, especially