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Spring Cleaning

Watercolor by Maddie Jane, 7. It's springtime in New England, which is really more like a holding pattern that I relate to my days working in the prison; when an inmate had a release day, but it could be held up by paperwork, or could actually happen and they could run out of the prison and dance in the parking lot. Well, that never happened (that I saw), but I would run outside and dance on the street if it happened to hit somewhere in the 50 to 60 degree range upon my waking up in the morning. All I could think about on the walk to drop Maddie off at school today is I just want my toes and/or my fingers to stop being cold. I love living here and would not trade a summer evening or fall day for the world...but I would definitely trade 32 degrees the week before April. While the new year is all about new year-new me and resolutions, I think it takes until spring for people to really start feeling like a new year is here, especially since spring tends to be synonymous with c