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House = Warmed

I took this picture of my beloved city while waiting on the library steps for Matty to come whisk me back to Dorchester. This weekend we had our first big bash at our new place and it was super, duper fun. Lots of friends came by throughout the day and night - work friends, HONO friends, high school friends (of Matty's), friends of friends; it was lovely. There was a ton of food and beer (of the root variety for me) and lots of laughs and good times. There were even a couple little ones running around the backyard being adorable. It really made our new home feel like just that - our home. I can't wait until we have a permanent little one around; she is going to be here in a few months now, though the running around will take a while, I hope. It will be so, so wonderful to finally meet this little lady who is the center of our lives and thoughts and window shopping. By the time she is born her little floating fetus will have been in more states than I had been in by the t