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Fall or Revelations?

First and foremost, I dedicate this blog to my bestie Emily, who also happens to be my number one fan. We skipped out on Petco so I could put fingers to keyboard...and we were a little PTSD after going to Target on a Sunday. This is never, ever a good idea, made worse by the fact that my beautiful city is infested by terrible, loud, filthy students...thousands strong. This is my least favorite time of the year for so many reasons, including: 1) September 1st aka Boston's moving day. The day that thousands of students swarm like polo-shirt wearing locusts with their ridiculous WASPy parents in tow to clog the streets with U-Hauls of dorm-style furniture, and the ones going back to whatever mid-Western hole they climbed out of leave their entire house's furniture on the curb. Fucking nightmare. 2) Said locusts, who are free from their parents for what seems to be the first time in their lives, get wasted on Jaegerbombs , walk around, and ensure that they are as loud as possib